From Me to You: Key Fob Gift Packaging

key fob gift promo packaging

As the calendar rolls over to 2018, there’s always a big push to get rid of old inventory for the new models. From technology to vehicles, one can usually find a bargain with a little hunting. When it comes to vehicles, particularly in Minnesota, it’s not a light decision. We need to withstand sub-zero temperatures and icy roads as well as relaxed summer backroads. Dealership marketing strategies don’t always recognize this. They tend to focus on one or the other. Summer Sunday driving vs. tearing up the tundra. However, one strategy that stretches across both is positioning the vehicle as a gift. And when Sunrise turned the FlashPad into key fob gift boxes or FobPad, we realized that this hit the nail on the head. 

Key Fob Gift Packaging key fob gift boxes

It’s a familiar ploy of of our times in commercials, movies, TV shows, nearly any medium. Someone wakes up on their birthday or another holiday, is sleepily pulled outside, and sees a new car. While the focus might be on the giant bow or their excited jumping up and down, the keys become secondary. Not to mention that it seems that keys as a whole are being phased out. 

The FobPad gives due diligence to the crux of a vehicle. Not only does it slightly change the scenario above (it’s much easier to wrap up one of our FlashPads than it is to wrap a car), but it allows dealerships to promote themselves, too. 

key fob gift

Key fobs as gifts give the dealership a platform. It makes the exchange between the customer and the salesman a little more formal. Rather than simply dropping an extra fob into a plain envelope, maybe with the business card, it creates a presentation piece worth sharing. The salesman can customize the fob packaging with his own business card as well as any additional gifts for the customers. Gas cards, car wash vouchers, etc.

The packaging should contain information about the dealership. More than just sales copy, it could list affiliates and recommendations for continued service. It also serves as a marketing piece far beyond the day of purchase. 

We’ve all had to search around in our house for spare keys at some point. If customers perceive it as a key fob gift box, they’re more likely to keep it contained in one. It’s easier to find, sticks out in the mind, and also reinforces the dealership messaging. 

Choose Your FlashPad

There are a variety of FlashPads from which dealerships can choose and customize to make their own. Take a peek and contact us when you’re ready to take on this exciting opportunity!