Is Write-Protected Right For You?


USB drives, flash drives, jump drives, thumb drives….whatever you call them, you know they are a great asset in the promotion of a business or product. You can dress them up like a business card, customize and personalize, and use the drive itself to store extra data. Images, videos, demos, and samples that would never fit on a pamphlet, let alone a business card.

Imagine it. An interactive business card. Starts as a great presentation, ends as a valuable gift, all custom printed with your name and contact info.

It’s tricky though, loading up a flash drive. On the one hand, you want the data to be viewed, enjoyed, and seen again and again. But you also don’t want to be the person that handed someone a dud souvenir. You don’t want that potential client getting home, eager to try out his new USB storage toy only to find it’s been write-protected. Filled to the brim with corporate data that ain’t going anywhere.

So how do you create a custom flash drive that is both a gift and a vault?

metal webkeyIn the old days, write-protected flash drives were more like a CD. One and done and destined for the trash. But, much like presentation packaging, the end goal is longevity. Reusability. Insert adage about honey and vinegar here. You want to give out a flash drive that gets daily use.

Think of your primary flash drive. What is the brand? If you just blurted it out like a Family Feud contestant, that’s okay. That’s the point. Reusing a flash drive breeds familiarity. So, yeah, you want your name on it.

What you don’t want is to receive a flash drive that has no storage capability. You know when you get a flash drive and it says it’s 4 GB, but there’s software on it so it’s really more like 3.87 GB? Even that irks you a little bit, doesn’t it. Now imagine taking home a flash drive, excited to use it, and finding out that it’s filled with unchangeable data.

Next stop: garbage can.

If you’re a business owner or a new software provider, you don’t want to burn your potential customers. Fortunately, you can have the best of both worlds. Modern write-protected USB drives are more partitioned than protected. Sort of like having 2 flash drives in one. Plug it in and it’ll load two separate folder. One for your instructional mp3s, and one for your client’s fledgeling fantasy novel that they like to work on over the weekend.

Now you’ve created a reusable, valuable gift without sacrificing the digital goods. Like I said, best of both worlds.