Higher Ed Marketing: Crafting a Call to Action

higher ed marketing

Streamlining costs and efforts is always a hot topic for colleges and universities. Doing more with less is important at every organization striving to increase profits. And it's even more important for organizations that are funded by tuition, endowments and other funding. Higher ed marketing departments tend to be a department of which a lot is demanded, yet budget is rarely increased in line with the needs. As digital marketing strategies become increasingly imperative, higher ed marketing has to work double-time. 

Sunrise has worked with many institutions, and we understand the unique position that most higher ed organizations find themselves in. There are usually many constituents who need to sign off and buy in. Budget is always a concern, and branding is non-negotiable. Keeping all this in mind, we're able to succinctly make single, malleable recommendation for most institutional USB marketing needs: the FlashPad.



Higher Ed Marketing Effectiveness

What makes for an effective digital strategy?

It's more than just a mobile-friendly website and creating a social media presence.

Digital strategies that provide desired results meet users where they're at, which is why our FlashPads are so effective. They can functionally appeal to any audience, depending on how they're designed and deployed. In the example to the side, you can see a series of FlashPad Wallets designed for a Minnesota university. These packaging options hold videos for users, but could hold a card, a key, a flashdrive, a disc, and so much more. How do you want to reach out to students in a tangible way?

Sunrise can support your higher ed digital strategy by recommending the best box for your buck.

Higher Ed Marketing (and Beyond)

FlashPads and FlashPad Wallets are incredibly versatile, and we've worked with higher ed institutions customize them in incredible ways. They've been used to house open source textbooks. Share online orientations and supplementary content to incoming students. Dorm room keys. Branded flashdrives for student use. And that's just within higher education. 

Learn more about how these packaging styles can adapt to your needs. Reach out to Sunrise Packaging's sales team today!