Give the Gift that Everyone Needs

USB Packaging

As the holidays approach, everybody’s looking for the perfect gift. The question on everyone’s mind is What do you get for the person that has everything?

How about more space?

Forget gift cards! Everybody needs more space–especially that person who has everything. Maybe you can’t give them a bigger house or a storage locker, but you can give them nearly infinite digital space. How? With a USB drive, of course. Frankly, it’s the ultimate gift.

Why? For starters, they look cool. Flash drives come in a wild assortment of shapes and sizes. From sleek and simple, to quasi-futuristic, to shaped like a dinosaur, flash drives tow the line between collectable and gadget. If you’re a business owner, you can even get a custom flash drive branded with your name, company, even logo.

Ultimately, the flash drive delivers the thing everybody can use more of: sweet, sweet space. Custom USB drives can be used to tidy up hard drives, organize vital information, store whole seasons of TV shows, or create a digital scrapbook or portfolio. It’s what makes them such a perfect promotional giveaway. Something that can store relevant info, economical enough for easy distribution, and will continually be used. A great reminder, wouldn’t you say? Much more treasured than a pamphlet.

Come for the Pictures. Stay for the Flash Drive.

But pamphlets and flyers do have the bonus of a more visual presentation. Vivid graphics, pictures, and informational blurbs can really draw a crowd, offering in-your-face answers about an organization or idea. If you want the staying power of a promotional souvenir, but also the instant gratification of a pamphlet, pair your custom USB drive with flash drive packaging. The FlashPad has the look and feel of a hardcover book, but it holds a flash drive for all those digital bonuses.

FlashPad for flash drives are the perfect gift