FlashPads for Coin Packaging

The FlashPad is by far one of our most versatile types of packaging. A tour through our archives shows a plethora of projects that have used the FlashPad as a launching point for innovative packaging solutions. And we're pretty sure we're just scratching the surface for ways we can use this project. Here's one of our most recent implementations: rare coin packaging

Specialty Coin Packaging & the FlashPad

We worked on this project with Preferred Coin Exchange.  Their client-focused approach is founded in moral and ethical standards to deliver on the desires of their clients. As we put together some ideas for crafting something to echo this mission for an upcoming event, the FlashPad soon rose to the top of the list. 

A simple design is sometimes the most elegant. Particularly when the real showstopper should be the product. In this case, the coin. As the FlashPad, while simple in concept, can be customized in many different ways, it fit the bill for this particular project.  The FlashPad is sturdy and strong enough to withstand pressure and transportation dangers. The custom insert can be crafted to securely hold products in place (perfect coin packaging, to be honest). 

Add to that the incredible amount of real estate for personalized packaging content, and you can see why the FlashPad was the packaging style of preference for this project. 

To put a unique spin on this project, digital printing and matte lamination put the finish on this project. It's incredibly fun to see our products out in the wild like this, and it helps to reinforce a job well done!

What's Your FlashPad Desire?

The FlashPad is a versatile piece. If you're seeing your product in this piece, we want to hear about it. Contact our sales team to talk about how we can partner on the project!