FlashPad Virtual Design Kits

Innovative packages. Virtual design kits on the flashpad

You might think that working in packaging gets old after a while. But, to tell the truth, it doesn't. Every day, we get to connect with organizations and businesses who are on the cutting edge of their industry. From large, well-established corporations to startups, we get to help bring out the best in every company. It's a cool way to stay in-the-know about what's coming up next in areas as diverse as health and beauty packaging, virtual design kits, ebook marketing, and more.

Another thing that is definitely cool? Working with an organization whose tagline is: Enabling the electronics revolution.

Interconnecting via Virtual Design Kits

Amphenol creates interconnect products. They design, manufacture and market electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems. We've worked with them in the past, and were pumped to be able to partner again for these design kits that hold a product and supporting parts for PCB optimization.

To be completely honest, we can't tell you exactly what these parts do. But that's why our job is to create the best possible packaging for every customer. In this case, the part needed cushioning for protection and malleability. We responded with custom foam inserts to encompass the product and parts. This allows for ample support without rigidity, which could harm it in transport.

We also worked with Amphenol to create the design of the packaging as well. Starting with our FlashPad, we filled it with custom content to help users understand the product and implement the design kit. Just one more way to showcase the versatility of the FlashPad!

Products that Serve and Protect

At Sunrise, you can be assured of a few things. First, whatever your product might be, we will construct packaging designed to protect it from whatever elements it might have to endure. Transportation, retail shelving, anti-theft, etc. We've worked with a variety of industries over the years - it's hard to surprise us at this point.

Secondly, the end user is always in our thoughts as we design packaging. We're proponents of universal design, which means accessibility for everyone. This takes different forms for packaging, but it amounts to the same thing. Sunrise Packaging will always create custom products that serve your customer base and their needs.

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