Use Flash Drives to Implement Restaurant Changes

personalized-service-restaurant-waiterWhile we mostly think of USB/Flash drives to be only useful for software or technology, it can be useful in so many other realms of business. For example, when owning a restaurant franchise, USBs can be a useful tool to ensure compliance among multiple locations. When working to “makeover” your business on a large scale, flash drives are extremely useful and compact solutions to transfer new logos, advertisements, slogans, and menus to all locations under the umbrella of your business. For external use, flash drives can be a fun giveaway that informs the customer of changes in your organization. At an internal level USB keys help promote new ideas to other decision makers. Distributing flash drives with a nicely printed logo to management is a great way to get them excited about new changes while giving them all the tools they need for success in the industry. Set these flash drives to auto run with all the pertinent information for easy access. Sharing with your management the marketing strategies to implement business changes could mean multiple packets of papers that get easily mixed up and lost. With the use of flash drives, everyone is on the same page with a few simple clicks.

Source: CFgear blog