Financial Advisor Marketing Tools

financial advisor marketing tips

Financial advisor marketing is a necessary part of the business landscape nowadays. We'll never discount the importance of a social media presence, Pandora or Spotify ads, whatever makes sense for your organization and target market.  As the financial planning industry continues to grow, you need to find ways to get a larger piece of the pie. 

Gaining new clients and retaining old ones lies in positioning yourself as someone who is trusted and knowledgeable. One of the methods that seems to work well for organizations with whom we've worked is knowledge sharing. Financial advisor marketing can look at how to give sound advice as a way to help people help themselves--and invite them to come back for more.

Using FlashPads for Financial Advisor Marketing

So what do we mean when we say knowledge sharing? Well, it can take a lot of different forms. A podcast, a blog, a checklist for clients to hit different goals... The options are fairly infinite. But there's a reason why we encourage using a FlashPad to share these items instead of simply posting them on different channels. 

When we consume information, particularly in the Google age, it can be hard to get to the top of mind of your audience. They might stumble across your work when they are looking for something specific, but will it compel them to return? Will they remember where they originally came across it? Who you are?

Using a FlashPad with a USB drive of your work gives them something tangible that they can hold onto. It also gives you the ability to maximize your impact by loading it with multiple types of content.

Additionally, using the FlashPad gives you more space for content. Add your social channels, website, branding, everything else that can create cognitive resonance with your audience. It all serves to increase your presence. Plus, it's a great way to say 'Thank you' to both new and existing clients.

A Versatile Investment

FlashPads don't need to be limited to just knowledge sharing. Customized USB drives can be a great repository for electronic documents to go paperless. We know there are more potential financial advisor marketing applications... We'll leave it to you to find the perfect strategy for you and your organization!

We'll be here when you're ready to kick off your project.