Faith Based Marketing Tools

faith based marketing

Integrating religious faith into marketing practices is not a new concept, but one that's finding new appeal. At a basic level, faith based marketing strategies aren't always tied to a specific ideology, but take a more family-based approach to their audience. However, in most cases, an organization or brand will identify itself as specifically Christian, Muslim, etc. 

There's immense value in utilizing a targeted, faith-based strategy. Christians alone bring an estimated $5 trillion+ purchasing power. The US Travel Association reported that 25% of all travelers are interested in spiritual-focused vacations, a figure supported by the UN World Tourism Organization. Additionally, faith-based books, movies, music, and other types of media are perennially popular. One of the most common ways that faith based marketing manifests itself is in the packaging of a product. 

A Faith Based Marketing Strategy

Sunrise FlashPads are a great option for faith based marketing. On a basic level, they provide an opportunity for users to maintain traditional religious practices, whether by activities, music, sermons/lectures, and other types of media that can be shared by a USB drive or compact disc. They also provide opportunities beyond the traditional formats. 

Faith based statements and design play a big part in enhancing packaging. Depending on the product, organization, and/or affiliation, there are multiple ways in which we can help design different elements meant to elicit specific reactions from target audiences. In addition, utilizing different finishing options can help enhance those elements as well. In this example, you can see the scuff-free lamination adds a sheen to overall design. It's a subtle effect but adds just a little style.

A Persistent Market

The demand for faith based products shows no sign of slowing. In fact, it's a very loyal and persistent market following. Creating packaging that speaks to this market is an important part of any marketing strategy. No matter what your budget or needs might be, Sunrise can help create your ideal design. Contact us today.