Ever Heard of a Digital Influencer Kit?

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Do you know what an influencer kit is? It’s sort of like a press kit, crossed with a launch kit…and typically it’s pretty awesome. You see them a lot for movies, video games, and soft drinks. They come packed with product samples, cool souvenirs, and typically feature some sort of stylized custom packaging. Maybe a box shaped like a movie prop, inlaid with foam to store and display all the goodies.

But what if your product isn’t tangible? Maybe you’re promoting software, or a podcast. And maybe you don’t have a multimillion-dollar marketing team, or an infinite budget to throw at promotional material.

If this is you, why not try a digital influencer kit, aka a custom flash drive. There you can include software and music demos, product videos, social media links–all the digital content you can handle in one plug-and-play device. You can even personalize the drive! Include your name and contact info, just like a business card. You could even choose the shape!

Flash drives are widely recognized as a cool tech gadget, a highly influential marketing tool, and a valuable, reusable gift.

But what if you’re really hung up on that foam-padded box? Paired with a FlashPad™, your digital influencer kit could have the benefit of rigid luxury packaging. Opening like a book, and inlaid with foam to store a flash drive, buttons, pens, or a host of other items, you could finally have the promotion you’ve always dreamed of. A product launch like that of a big Hollywood movie production! On a smaller, more economical scale of course.

If you’ve been on the fence about a flash drive/FlashPad™ promotion, Sunrise Packaging has quite the monthly special running for March 2016: Sale-priced FlashPads that include a customized flash drive! That’s huge! So check it out and make this year the big one!