Employee Training Via Flashdrives

custom usb drive for employee training

Figuring out how to best deliver employee training is a job in and of itself. It’s a question with which more and more businesses are grappling. It’s now increasingly common for Human Resources departments to take on new employee onboarding.

Training new employees on things like company policies, safe data handling practices, and more is an important part of any new job. It’s also an expensive endeavor when one factors in the time of everyone in the room. Which is why we’re proposing a revamped style of employee onboarding that leverages technology and customized USB drives

Employee Training Alternate Optionscustom usb drives for employee training

Conducting training in a live setting can’t be replicated via technology. Being able to interact with coworkers, making connections, and having that shared experience isn’t something that custom flashdrives can replace. However, when you look at your employee onboarding or in-person training, what does it consist of?

We bet that there are definitely some things which could be delivered virtually. 

Helping your new employees to feel comfortable in their new setting should be a top priority. That goes beyond making sure they have a lunch buddy or a knowing where the closest restroom is. It includes giving them a little downtime between meetings and activities to familiarize themselves with their workstation. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to take a breather. To do something on their own where they can feel competent and comfortable. By handling off some training onto personalized USB drives, it allows for this time to recoup.

Secondly, customized drives for employee training takes pressure off HR, too. A USB drive loaded with professionally designed modules ensures consistency and content quality. If you don’t have a professional trainer on staff, this is a great option. 

Especially relevant… This route allows for more socialization to happen at employee onboarding get-togethers, something which is shown to improve employee retention!

Custom USB Drives Make Great Gifts, Too

Customized training delivered by customized flashdrives is just one benefit. You can also load the USB drive with things like branding guidelines, links to submit timesheets, etc. Plus, if you go the route of custom USB packaging as well, there’s another opportunity to welcome them to the team. 

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