Eco-Friendly USB drive

EarthdriveWe use technology to enhance not only our work, but our social life and everything in between. While USB drives, computers, and smart phones have drastically changed the way we do things and cut down on our paper use and waste, many people don’t realize that the advancement of technology can also come with the issue of pollution. The production of these gadgets do not happen in a vacuum, they have an impact on our environment. In an effort to change this pattern and improve this pattern of technological advancement, many companies are producing innovative technologies that contribute to preserving our planet and resources. Here is a prime example of adapting technology for this cause– the first ever environmentally friendly USB drive, the ATP EarthDrive. This particular product is made up of Bio-recycled material such as corn. Its storage capacities run from 1 GB to 8GB and although it is fairly expensive (from $29.99 to $99.99), ATP in collaboration with American Forests, donates a portion of the price of every EarthDrive sold to be allocated for tree-planting projects. As an added bonus, this storage device is tough being shockproof, waterproof and dustproof. To follow through on being even more environmentally friendly, the EarthDrive packaging is also made of recycled paper and recyclable materials.

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