Eco Friendly Flashdrives: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

eco friendly flashdrives and promotional usb drives

Flashdrives are an easy way for conference participants to reduce their carbon footprint when it comes to leaving a paper trail. One of the most annoying things about walking through any vendor fair is the plethora of paper you’re carrying as you leave. As we’ve written about before, it’s not very likely that many folks invest the time in revisiting every single piece they picked up… Hopefully, it all finds its way into a recycling bin and not a landfill. While many booths will hand out flashdrives or custom USB drives in lieu of paper-filled binders, pamphlets and other materials, there are still methods that your organization can utilize for the ultimate eco friendly flashdrives. 

It’s fantastic to see so many companies adopting this mode of information sharing. All in all, custom flash drives are easier to update, are easier on the environment, and best of all? Users can easily reuse them. So what could be better? has some ideas for even greener USB drives. 

Options for Eco Friendly Flashdriveseco friendly flashdrives

For the woodsy folks

The photo in the header comes from Oooms, a company that employs a literal stick when making their custom USB sticks. Wood casing is becoming more stylish in the eco friendly flashdrive market. Other companies like Memotrek and Far From Boring creating their own line of wooden flashdrives. You can even select the type of wood (bamboo, walnut, and redwood are just a few options). 

Bring back paper

Only in a recycled format. The Recycle is a flashdrive made from recycled newspaper. It’s clean and light, but you probably shouldn’t test its ability to withstand water too much. 

Recycled plastic

Flip expectations with recycled plastic eco friendly flashdrives. It’s the perfect solution for organizations that make sustainability a pillar of their business. And who want to reduce their paper or carbon footprint. There are quite a few companies that go this route, and as many options as you can dream up.

It Doesn’t End with Custom USB Drives

While it’s commendable to increase sustainability efforts, don’t let it stop with eco friendly flashdrives. Sunrise Packaging can also work with you to design and create environmentally-conscious packaging for the customized USB drives.  Flashdrive packaging is a must when it comes to trade shows and vendor fairs. Like we said above, most people won’t necessarily care (or remember why they cared originally) when they go back through the collateral collected. Encasing your unique USB sticks in eco friendly packaging jogs their menu. Tying it to your specific branding and messaging reinforces the connection. Check out some of the options we recommend. 

Contact Sunrise today to find out more about options for custom USB drives and packaging.