Custom USB Drive Packaging Idea-Generating Tips

Custom USB drive packaging

Custom USB drive packaging should complement every scenario. Different industries have different needs, right?  All your collateral should work together to create a sense of a whole. As things like omni-channel marketing become, well, omnipresent, start to plan out how your business can capitalize on it. And jump on it early, before other organizations wake up and take note. 

Consider how your organization or business uses flashdrives. Photographers dealing with digital images have different clients than a university, or a sales-driven business for whom flashdrives are more of a swag item. Packaging makes an impression. It's worth your time (and money to invest in custom USB drive packaging) to make that first impression count for something more. 

Ideas for Custom USB Drive Packaging

Coming up with the "a-ha" lightbulb-kind of idea is usually the hardest part of the process when it comes to generating new ideas. Once you have it, the ideas tend to keep coming. The process flows on its own, in a sense. 

Here are some ideas for custom USB drive packaging that could work across industries: 

Custom USB drive packaging
  1. Color code your sales flashdrives and packaging elements
    Photographer Jennifer Tallerico knows the benefit of coordinator elements. She utilizes a luxe crystal flash drive on which to share images for clients, and has a system in place to enhance the content. She uses rose gold for boudoir photos, and aqua for underwater work. Clients can recognize the connection between both, and the trend carries through to flashdrive packaging. In your projects, utilize secondary palette colors or other complementary tones without straying too far from brand guidelines. 
  2. Design companion content to go with promotional USB drives
    One great way to fail with custom USB drive packaging marketing is simply handing clients a drive without anything to go along with it. Give recipients some more information on what will help them process the information. Or consider including some companion accessories, like an adapter cable or a portable battery/power bank.
  3. Select custom packaging elements that meet expectation
    Flashdrive packaging is often cited as one of the elements most likely to make a positive impression on prospects. Whether you work in trade shows, higher education, photography, any industry: determine what your audience thinks and expects of your brand. Some customers might appreciate the sleek efficiency of the FlashPad Wallet; others might think quality custom USB drive packaging should be a little more giftworthy, like a turned edge box.
Custom USB drive packaging

Go Forth and Innovate

Your industry will have different needs than other industries. Your business will have different needs than your competitors. Even your products will attract different customers. Don't stop customization at the top level because it's easy. Once size fits all rarely fits anyone well. Take the time to work out ideas around custom USB drive packaging to truly let your brand shine.