Custom Power Banks: Tips for Shopping

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Custom power banks are swiftly becoming one of the most useful gifts out there. Paired with an ultra fast charging cable, they're ideal for a quick charge on the go wherever you might be. With hacking and other nefarious activities on the rise and aided through unsecured public USB ports, it's also the safer choice. 

When it comes to shopping for custom power banks, there are a few pieces of information to consider in making your choice.  Portable chargers are a must-have in this always-connected society, but the reasons for this constant connectivity (and subsequent need for power) might vary. Here are the top considerations from Power Bank Review

Tips for Custom Power Banks


Obviously, the most important feature is the capacity of a power bank. While there's no definite number around how many times custom power banks can charge your device, you know that the higher the capacity (measured in mAh), the more charge it carries. 

At the very least, find out what the capacity of your battery is, and match output voltage with the portable power bank. If it's less---most smartphone batteries are at 1500mAh--then you won't get a full charge. And if you want to charge larger devices, like tablets or laptops, chances are the power bank will need to be over 5000mAh for a full charge. 

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USB Charging Capability

The majority of smartphones and other devices are charged through a micro USB port (and whatever version of Apple product you have). Most custom power banks have a USB charging capacity, but some older models might not and may require a separate, specific cable to go along with the bank. Keep an eye out for this, and double check compatibility with your device. 

Price vs. Quality

Okay, these two things don't always have to be pitted against each other. But, the truth is, when it comes to custom power banks, you get what you pay for. Power bank pricing varies depending on things like customization, custom packaging options, size and quantity. At the very least, make sure that the custom power banks you purchase contain basic features like short circuit and over charging protection. 


Because what's the point of convenient custom power banks that aren't convenient at all? Assess the various styles out there, from the standard candy bar look to the sleeker, flatter style and beyond. Consider how and where you'll carry this device, and go from there. 

Not All Power Banks Are Created Equal

As we noted above, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to power banks. Custom power banks can be a lifesaver in the right situation. They can also be a source of mega frustration when they fail. Safeguard against those failures. Invest in quality power banks that work for you, and not against you.