Custom Packaging for All: Vinyl Sealed Pockets

vinyl sealed pockets

As much as we love crafting creative box solutions, we know that some solutions lie beyond the boundaries of cardboard. Sunrise always brings a fresh approach to projects, and that means thinking outside the box. And sometimes into vinyl sealed pockets. 

Vinyl sealed pockets are exactly what they sound like. We heat vinyl to create a seal around the edges, which forms the pocket. The pockets are extremely durable, and can hold sharp items as well as heavier materials. In the example pictured below, the vinyl pockets held credit card blade sharpeners!

Vinyl Sealed Pockets

Durability is just one reason why we might recommend vinyl sealed pockets for a project. Like all of the projects we approach, it depends on the product and the intent of the packaging. Sometimes, our flashpads are the perfect packaging; sometimes, it's a box. But when it comes to the vinyl pockets, the application narrows a bit. 

They're not for every project, but there are perfect products. Like these metal and wood credit card sharpeners. They needed a few specific qualities: 

  • Solid casing to avoid slipping or moving in transit
  • Durable packaging to withstand the heavy material
  • Secure placement for the item

Not to mention all of the standard features that come with a packaging project, like space for custom content and branding. These sealed pockets allow for all of the above. 

Sunrise Packaging Gets Out of the Box

Well, for some products, at least. Boxes might be our bread and butter. But we do believe that we have the ability to create the perfect custom solution for any product, whether it's corrugated materials, thermoformed, or vinyl sealed pockets.

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