Flashpad, high quality custom USB Flash drive packaging

FlashPad USB cases custom_flash_drive_packaging

With impressive custom USB packaging options, Sunrise Packaging’s Flashpad has become one of the most popular choices internationally. An impressive option that features turned edge technology to add value to your product and brand.

Artwork can be placed anywhere on the case. The die-cut foam allows for any shape or size USB Drives to be held. The die-cut foam can also hold multiple USB Drives.

Custom USB cases are valuable for any industry/company. Customization options are endless. Make it exactly the way you want it. Common uses for Flashpad USB cases are for companies that need to distribute information via USB drives. Everything from instructions, business information, or simply your brand image. Training videos, client information, product descriptions, and much more. It’s the perfect way to showcase your USB Drive. Add a touch of your business personality with it.

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