Custom Flash Drives are the New Business Card

You’ve heard it a hundred times. Let me give you my card. Followed by shuffling through a purse or pocketbook. Once the staple of professional interactions, business cards have become little more than padding for your wallet, no more memorable than a tray of paper clips.


Enter the customized USB flash drive. A functional business card. One your potential clients will be using daily, emblazoned with your name and information. Why bother trying to cram all your contact info into a tiny space when you can store it in a clean, organized digital file that pops up immediately when your potential client boots up their removable storage device? Can your personalized pen do that?


An custom printed USB drive is unique, memorable, and practical. The variety of these storage devices are endless. Own an ice cream shop? Perhaps a sundae shaped flash drive would set your business apart. Head of a record label? A guitar flash drive could be the perfect accent.


Top it off by packaging the drive in a high quality, hinged box, custom printed with even more details about your business or project. The clean look and safe storage will be the hallmark of your professionalism.

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Think of how many times you glance at your flash drive plugged into your laptop. Remember what’s printed on it?


Of course you do.