Custom Flash Drives Make Video Business Cards

credit card USB drive

What’s better than a business card? A flash drive.

Why? Three words: Video Business Cards.

Start with a slim credit card drive. It already looks the part, perfectly wallet-sized, but with a flip out USB interface. The surface can even be custom printed with your graphics and information just like a paper business card. Except that name and info is about the only thing a business card can hold. A flash drive can hold so much more.

Load up your custom flash drive with all your info. Not just all the info you couldn’t fit on the paper card, but interactive features like mp3s and videos. Store what you could never store before, and as much of it as you want! Maybe you’re an actor with a demo reel. Or an aspiring filmmaker. Boom–you just made yourself video business cards.

Or perhaps you’re a software designer with a program that just needs to be experienced. Include a software demo and download links. Are you a photographer or an artist with a digital presentation? Maybe you have a commercial for your business that says it all. You can’t put any of that on a paper business card.

card drive1credit card drives for video business cards


The best part about a flash drive business card is that it serves as a digital portfolio and a souvenir all in one. Think about it. All your software, links to websites or blogs, examples, and videos can be stored on a flash drive to show off in a presentation worthy of your work. After your vibrant presentation has served its purpose, you’ve also given the recipient a valuable gift: a flash drive. More space! The gift that keeps on giving! But your name will always be emblazoned on the flash drive, reminding them of your business whenever they pop in that flash drive.

creditcard-flashpadYour new enhanced business card will be a smashing hit at trade shows, expos, and conventions. If you really want to make a splash, consider our custom flash drive packaging, the FlashPad™, for that first visual foot in the door. Use the visual realty of the FlashPad’s beautiful turned edge cover to give your audience a taste of what’s in store. The way an album cover reflects the music within–heck, it might even be your album in there!




Sunrise Packaging can load your flash drive for you and package it up for distribution, all under one roof. Keep us in mind for designing your video business card, and all your presentation packaging needs