Custom Flash Drives Mean Faster Installation

Think we were joking about custom flash drives driving business? Think again.


Rumor has it that Windows 10 will be sold on a USB Storage. A variety of sources, included Forbes, have pointed to an image floating around the internet of a screen-printed USB drive sporting the Microsoft logo. Rumors in the Twitter mill seem to point at the same idea. While nothing has been confirmed, it shouldn’t take anyone by surprise.


Compact discs had their moment in the sun, but have ultimately proven unreliable. One scratch or scuff, and whole bytes of data are wiped clean. Who doesn’t remember having their favorite song botched by a skipping track on their Walkman back in the day? Not to mention their large surface area makes them a pain to transport or hand out. In fact, Forbes writer Anthony Leather calls the optical drive “something of a fossil,” reporting that many PCs and laptops have ditched them all together, relying solely on USB drives simply for aesthetic reasons. However, flash drives are also much faster, meaning Windows 10 on a memory stick could save you hours of installing.

USBOne, custom flash drive packaging


Whether this rumor proves fruitful (and we hope it does), the innovation of the flash drive is undeniable. More and more space, getting smaller and smaller with time. It’s no wonder individuals and companies alike are turning to custom printed USB drives for a more functional, professional medium for displaying their services and portfolios.