Creative USB Packaging to Build Your Brand

Creative USB Packaging

"Omni-channel" is a word we hear often, particularly in the context of omni-channel marketing. It refers to the need to marketers to create a seamless experience regardless of channel or device. Consumers can engage with your brand through social media, in person, through a website, app, the list is nearly endless. Every step of the process should reflect a consistent, complementary brand image. But this doesn't mean that creative packaging is out of the picture. In fact, packaging, and creative USB packaging is a great place to start building that consistent presence. 

Patrick Henry's recent article on details the place of packaging in the omni-channel world we inhabit. The key is in treating packaging as a portal to the other channels, to the digital world. 

In combination with other channels, print enables and enhances the digital experience—a point missed by marketers when they forget to include print in their definition of “media.”

 - Patrick Henry

So how can non-digital materials become more interactive?

Creative USB Packaging Supporting an Omni-Channel World

Millenials are a hot market for brands these days, and finding ways to reach them is of the utmost importance. states that this market segment is particularly interested in getting as much information as possible from text and graphics on packaging as well as the more interactive experiences afforded by non-print technologies. Taking this a step further, by finding ways to incorporate visual recognition features or NFC technology into packaging that contains USB drives, brands can go above and beyond in meeting this desire. 

Creative USB packaging

Another resource that brands can utilize on creative USB packaging is building a bridge to the "moment of truth." This is the first encounter with the brand's product in a retail setting, and where 70% of all purchasing decisions occur. Packaging design is crucial. By integrating elements into USB packaging design, as well as including interactive elements on the enclosed custom flashdrive, brands can reiterate that messaging as well as increase sales. 

And that data supports the investment in tying packaging design to omni-channel marketing. Creative USB packaging, along with other omni-channel collateral, that synthesized together paid back $7.21  for every $1 spent. Creating a process that does something for customers, versus to them, is clearly appreciated. Don't make it hard for them to recognize your brand by changing elements from different channels. 

At Sunrise Packaging, we work with you to ensure consistency across mediums in accordance with your brand while still bringing a creative element to the process. Our custom USB packaging gallery shows some of the innovation that can level up a marketing effort. Bring us your ideas, and we'll bring them to life!