Cosmetic Packaging from Ipsy

Cosmetic packaging from Ipsy

Cosmetic packaging has always been an industry that values innovative  styling. Much like how make-up mavens design their looks, the focus is usually on color and bringing forth a unique voice. Subscription services abound that cater to the cosmetic influencers, but one of the the top ones out there is Ipsy.

Ipsy is a subscription service specializing in beauty products. Subscribers can select different levels with different benefits, and also personalize the boxes to their individual tastes and attributes. For example, you can list in your profile eye color, hair color, and skin tone. Ipsy will send personalized recommendations based on your features as well as your preferences. 

I'm a fan of Ipsy not only for their beauty products, but for their approach to branding and creating an experience in every box. Every month includes a theme featuring their signature pink with a quote. They even partner with brands to create crossover products. Like this eyeshadow palette. 

Cosmetic packaging from Ipsy

Sleeves & FlashPads in Cosmetic Packaging

Packaging fiends will recognize the basic elements in this interesting crossover from Ipsy and Tetris (yes, the game). Many eyeshadow palettes adopt a packaging style like our FlashPad. But while we typically place it in the context of USB packaging or something similar, this is a new take. 

We've long promoted the versatility of our FlashPad, and here's another testament to that. It works well for this kind of product because it allows for users to easily flip the top for access to the shades, and securely shuts it with slight magnetic force. Cosmetic packaging is generally subject to different rules and regulations, make-up palettes included. A secure closure is key for health and safety. 

And, to top it off, Ipsy and Tetris included a sleeve to tie the brands together. Using the iconic *tetrino* blocks on the cover removes any doubt that this referring to anything else. Sleeves are a great tool to add not just another layer of branding to a custom package, but they can also bring another surface for content marketing as well.

FlashPad Cosmetic Packaging

Finding examples of great packaging out in the wild is always an exciting event (well, for us it is!) and the beauty world is full of great examples. What are some of your favorite make-up brands, and what do you appreciate about their packaging?