Cool Camera Flash Drives Shows Off

Canon_5DS_replica_photography flash drive

Novelty flash drives come in all shapes and sizes. If you want a dinosaur, you’ll find a dinosaur. Need a spooky monster flash drive? Take your pick. The type of casing around the drive itself is as infinite as the storage space.

But it’s rare to see this level of detail in a custom flash drive. Rare, and cool.

Canon recently released a mini replica of their popular 5DS camera. It is wildly detailed, down to the letter. If there’s one thing I know about photographers, it’s that they are in love with their cameras. The replica is a great way to show your love for your equipment without lugging around the expensive hardware.

It also happens to be a flash drive.

Camera flash drives are nothing new, but few match the detail of Canon’s mini 5DS. It’s not just a cute camera flash drive, it’s a 1:2.6 scale replica. The lens detaches (much like a real camera) and reveals the USB interface. And while it doesn’t take pictures, the mini camera USB drive can store your photos.

It is this detail that makes them so popular as photography flash drives. What a cool digital portfolio for a photographer, right? And an even cooler business card. In a perfect world, there would be a flash drive replica of every camera on the market. That way you could show your clients your photo samples and show off your equipment at the same time.

Until camera companies follow in Canon’s footsteps with replica camera flash drives, you might have to consider a variant flash drive for your budding photography business. Even if your camera is the 5DS, it seems their replica flash drives are out of stock for the moment.

Camera flash drive or not, a USB drive portfolio is an excellent and modern way to display wedding photography, senior pictures, maternity photos, and all the classics in hi-def digital quality. A personalized USB drive fit in photography flash drive packaging is truly the better proofs binder.

Source: TechFrag