Music Packaging & USB Drives

Prism Music creative USB music packaging boxes and a media guide for usb music marketing

Sharing music has changed drastically over the past decade. And so has music packaging.

Liner notes and cover art used to be part of how a band expressed their aesthetic and their supported their sound. As streaming platforms take over distribution, the interest in tangible formats has waned. Well, excepting the resurgent interest in vinyl, of course.

But that's not to say that the music packaging is dead. Streaming is great for known artists, or those with an established platform. But not every artist is on every service. Band--and brand--awareness still needs traditional methods for distribution. And to be honest, some people prefer those methods.  

Music Packaging in 2019

While music packaging as a concept might feel a little old school, other parts of the package are more current. You'd be hard pressed to find someone with a working tape deck. Less pressed to find someone with a record player, maybe, but most people probably have the ability to still play CDs...

But even that is starting to be phased out. Fewer modern laptops and cars come CD drives now in favor of the more useful USB drive.

Flash drives make it easy to share music, download it, and also at a better quality than CDs. Plus, it allows for more interesting personalized touches, like this star-shaped custom USB drive.

But back to the packaging. 

If you choose USB sticks for your music distribution, you can't beat our FlashPads for safekeeping and customization. Custom foam holds the music drive in place (other options exist as well), and the rest of the space is basically dedicated album art and liner notes. With a modern twist. 

Space for Songwriters

Working with musicians and artists is a great way to juice our creativity. Coming up with creative solutions to packaging questions is a our business, and we relish the challenges that come our way. Whether it's a modern take on an old standard or something completely new, chat with our team to find out more about the potential options!