Avengers assemble as flash drives

avengers_custom_flash_drivesAfter a dominating the box office its opening weekend, The Avengers have inspired many, including a company called Infothink. Much like Director Fury, the company has assembled the Avengers in the form of a flash drive. Infothink has come up with the clever design for assembling the group by customizing flash drives that make up the Avengers. There are flash drives available for Ironman, Captain America, Thor, and The Hulk. Also included is  a silver Ironman mask that appears to be for War Machine.

As you might have guessed, each characters flash drive is depicted by an item commonly associated with the characters, with Thor being a hammer, The Hulk, a green fist, Ironman and War Machine are masks, and Captain America is his shield.

Although the drives aren’t being directly sold in the US yet, they are available in Taiwan, New Zealand, and Hong Kong, and it is likely they will make their way to other countries over time.

Each flash drive has 8 GB of storage inside making for 40 GB  with the entire collection. Ironman is the only drives to have a standard USB connector, the others use shielded connectors. The drives even come in little boxes that say Avengers on them.