NEW: Voice activated USB flash drive


File security remains to be important to almost everyone. Almost everybody has sensitive files that we would like to protect from wandering eyes. Usually when we want to protect these files, we can put on a password protection, but why not just make your USB voice-activated? Hammacher Schlemmer has come up with just the product. For $49.95, you can be the owner of the world’s first voice-protected, voice-activated USB flash drive.

After setting the password using the software that is pre-installed on the drive, you will be prompted to speak every time you plug the flash drive into your computer in order to access your files. The USB drive is designed to specifically hear and recognize your voice’s specific frequencies and tones. In case you aren’t able to speak, have a cold, or just forgot the password, there is a text-based password entry that you can use.

The drive comes with 8GB of storage and is available now, for anyone that believes the sound of their voice is more secure than 256-bit encryption. The device has a built-in microphone and doesn’t require any installation. Once you speak the password, the device simply allows you access to all of your sensitive, or not so sensitive material as the files are loaded onto the drive.

Image: Hammacher Schlemmer