5 Times You Wish You Had a Power Bank Handy

As a society, our reliance on technology borders on ridiculous. Particularly when it comes to smartphones. We use them to communicate with people–in many more ways than just dialing and chatting–and rely on them for basic functions. They are navigation devices, e-readers, newspapers, cameras, forms of payment, the list is endless.  When we’re cut off from our phones, or unable to use them, it can cause spikes in stress, anxiety, and heart rate (according to a study from the Journal of Computer-Mediated Technology). That’s where something as simple as a power bank becomes a lifesaver.

Custom Power BankWhat is a power bank?

A power bank is basically an external battery for your phone or anything which can be charged using a standard USB cable. Think it sounds a little extraneous? Consider the following scenarios.

Delayed flight

Delayed flights can make for interesting anthropological studies. You can watch individual pockets of people form around available outlets, engaging in the endless cycle of charge-battery loses power-recharge and so on. If there isn’t enough juice to go around, things can get ugly as Instagram-addled teens compete with corporate businessmen with laptops. This is when you would ideally be able to pull out your power bank, plug in, and tune out until your flight is called.

Attending a conference

Conferences are bustling affairs. You’re eager to make the most of the time, so you’re attending sessions, networking over lunch, hitting up the planned evening festivities, agreeing to check out some other spots your new-found friends know about, and not really thinking about your phone’s battery levels. That is, until it’s late and you’re ready to get back to your hotel in a strange city. Your phone might be dead, but hopefully you remembered to grab a charged power bank to refresh the battery and get an Uber.

Sitting in class

Whether you’re a college student or attending a session for professional development, the urge to focus more on social channels and less on educational ones is a constant. The problem comes when you’ve spent all your time replaying stories on Snapchat and all of your battery. Pull out the power bank and keep on snapping.

Waiting for an oil change

The waiting room smells like oil and grease, and you’re curious how many hours (or days) ago that *complimentary* coffee was brewed.  You came here for an oil change, but that was 45 minutes ago. The TV is on some talk show, and your phone has become your lifeline to a world outside this waiting area. The battery icon turns red and a pop-up lets you know that only 10% battery remains. Power bank to the rescue.

When the power goes out…literally

Thunderstorm, downed tree, or glitch in the network. Whatever the cause, it’s insanely inconvenient when the power goes out in your home. Be prepared with pre-charged power banks.

Be the hero your customers need AND deserve. Power banks are one of the most desirable swag items out there, and customized packaging spreads your message and allows you to be the hero in their time of need. We call the packaging for power banks PowerPads. Containing your customized power bank in pristine foam, the PowerPad opens like a book, and provides the perfect platform for your organization’s marketing.