5 Reasons Custom USB Drives Can Work for Indie Authors

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As an independent author, I know getting your work into the right hands can be a struggle. With Custom USB drives, however, you can put it all out there.


An indie author can be a tough sell for book buyers. Reviews drive the self-pubbed book business, but getting a good, honest one can be tricky. That’s where ARCs come in. Free Advanced Reader Copies take the gamble out of spreading your good word and can generate you some baseline reviews for when your book hits the market.


Distribution of these ARCs can be tricky. Fortunately, a customized flash drive can mean all the difference.


Here are 5 reasons a personalized jump drive could jumpstart your writing career.


They’re Cost Effective.

Sure, everyone loves the feel of a new book in their hands. Rifling through the pages, smelling that new book smell. Unfortunately, not all indie authors have the ability to provide a print ARC–i.e. it can be spendy. Even publishers sometimes charge authors for copies of their own books. Add in printing time and materials, and you might have already missed your window. Fortunately, with e-reader programs and devices, the independent author can spread their work digitally. Ebooks are digital files, and when you’re talking about multiple copies, a personalized flash drive screen-printed with your name and info is much more feasible (and economic) than a trunk full of print books.


They’re Secure.

You wouldn’t go around handing your “baby” to just anyone, right? So the idea of having a full digital version of your unpublished novel on the internet can be a little scary. Websites like Dropbox are great for filesharing, but what if you want something a little more intimate. Secure. A flash drive allows you to choose what you want to preloaded onto it. You choose whose hands it ends up in. Add in the ability to encrypt data, and you’ll be able to sleep soundly knowing your story is FYEO.


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They’re Spacious.

Speaking of choice, the Kindle and Nook aren’t the only names in the game anymore. Plenty of other e-reader programs have popped up since making digital ARCs much more viable. But with more program options comes more file type options. PDF? Mobi? What to pick? Why not all of the above? With options for near limitless storage capacity, customized USB drives can hold every version of your novel known to humanity!


They’re Multipurpose.

And why stop with just your book? Independent authors do a lot of their own marketing–graphics, logos, mockups, character diagrams, videos. With a flash drive, you can include these items too! Everyone likes a book with pictures, and your beta readers are no exception. Make a book trailer–you know, like a movie trailer for books–and include it on your personalized USB drive. For my book, I even commissioned a full-length theme song, and I know others that have recorded audiobooks. An mp3 makes a nice little addition to your flash drive press kit.


They Clean Up Nice.

Ever heard “You can’t judge a book by its cover?” Of course you have. So you know what a load of bologna it is. People are visual interpreters by nature. Asking them to not judge a book by its cover is like asking them not to judge whether water is drinkable. Fact: a cover can make or break a book. But if you’re book is strictly an e-version, your cover is just an image. But how fun would it be to give the sense of a real, tactile hardcover edition of your novel? With a FlashPad™, you can turn a mockup of what your book would look like in the real world into custom packaging. A real binding, with real dimensions, that opens up into a die-cut foam insert housing your custom flash drive.


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You’ll finally have an ebook you can autograph.


These are all great ways to get your novel into the hands that matter: your readers. But it doesn’t stop there, why not give the same treatment to a potential publisher? Imagine being at a book trade show and having something to hand out. Something cool, useful, and reusable, stamped with your name and info. A world where it’s easier to get your book into the hands of a publisher is a world I want to live in.