5 Common Reactions to the FlashPad (As Told in GIFs)



You and I know that the FlashPadTM is an awesome marketing tool. Of course it stores flash drives, and flash drives store data, so right there is a two-for-one combo of promotional strategy. But, unbelievably enough, a few people haven’t even heard of the premiere USB packaging on the market. The following GIFs are dramatic reenactments of how people react to the FlashPad.

#1 Utter Shock

We see this all the time. Someone comes across the FlashPad at a trade show or convention. They just think it’s a book, maybe a box, then BAM! It opens to reveal a custom flash drive and disbelief ensues. The visuals of a pamphlet coupled with near limitless data storage? Storage within storage? Sometimes it can be overwhelming.

#2 Mass Impressia

It’s not uncommon for large groups of people to be impressed by the FlashPadTM all at once. It comes with the territory of heightened visibility. Most convention-goers expect the usual: business cards, pamphlets, and if you’re lucky, a pen. But when a wild pack of attendees come across something that opens like a hardcover book…well, sometimes their emotions overtake them. As you can see, everything from dumbfounded disbelief to pure joy.

#3 Spontaneous Jubilation

It’s pretty clear these random youngsters are experiencing the book-like opening a FlashPadTM for the first time. Business cards become receptacles for chewed gum, and pamphlets end up garbage can liners, so it is rather delightful to find something as new and trendy as the FlashPadTM. The takeaway here? FlashPads get opened–and isn’t that the goal?

#4 Catatonic Fixation

Do we know for sure if animals are impressed by the FlashPadTM? No. But why wouldn’t they be? Sturdy chipboard design, soft-touch lamination, custom-fitted foam padding, and elegant turned edges? What’s not to love?

All GIFs aside, flash drives and FlashPads go together like peanut butter and jelly…if a PB & J could sell your product for you, that is. At a trade show, or convention, or even at retail, nothing stands out quite like a FlashPadTM. And when you think of all the links, mp3s, videos, and software demos a flash drive can hold and all the images and info the FlashPad can deliver, you might just be like #5 here: