3 Uses for Flash Drives this Holiday Season

holiday flash drives

Does it feel like Christmas is 9 days away? It should! The older I get the quicker it creeps up. All year I talk about what presents I’m going to get for whom, what holiday movies I’ll watch to get in the spirit, how much egg nog is medically acceptable to drink. Pretty typical.

Holidays always come down to traditions. Whether passed down from older generations, or something you created with friends, a holiday tradition gives you something to look forward to as the year draws to a close (and as the snow starts to fall). But maybe your traditions are a little…stuffy. Maybe it’s time to instigate some new traditions, for the tech-savvy generation. That’s where a Christmas USB drive comes in. Here’s 3 cool uses for flash drives this holiday season.

Better Santa Wish List

custom MN USB driveThere are few traditions as universal as the letter to Santa. Kids across the country set aside time to write that letter. Carefully crafting each individual letter with magic marker to make sure Santa can read the name of their most-desired toy. But, even when the writing is the most careful, Santa sometimes still can’t read the writing, can he? No matter how hard he squints. But as gifts become more specific and kids become more enthralled with the computer, why not nudge them to make a digital wish list. Open a word document and let them at it! Spell check will handle the rest. They can even include pictures and links to the items. Santa of course makes his own toys…but seeing the Amazon.com page might give him some inspiration. Or, if not to Santa, store the list on a holiday-themed flash drive, duplicate or just pass it around to family members. Add to it every year and you’ll have a time capsule of everything your child asked for for Christmases past!

Christmas Cards with Extra Memory

IMG_7458Speaking of a time capsule, you know those popular letters everyone sends out this time of year? Sometimes it’s as simple as a Christmas card with a family photo, but often times it’s an elaborate letter detailing the events of the year. Why not supplement words on paper with a digital presentation? Load a flash drive with high-def photos of football practice, include the video of that piano recital, include the mp3 soundtrack to your lives! Now imagine that customized flash drive wrapped in a beautiful hardcover case like the FlashPad. Almost like an album cover for your rockstar family! A photo album that opens like a book. One your family can plug into a computer, TV, or a digital photo frame. Very cool.

Digital Recipe Book

usb flash driveThere’s no denying that most holiday traditions revolve around food. A favorite recipe that gets made year after year from a little index card. You pull it out of it’s little box, rubbing some vegetable oil on it, puff it with pastry flour, and smear that age-old ink with buttermilk. Maybe you should consider replacing your recipe book or rolodex with a flash drive. Save all your recipes in pristine digital condition, make all the copies you want, wrap it in holiday USB packaging and give it out as a gift! Tres Gourmet!

Those are just a few ways a custom holiday USB drive can spruce up your Christmas season. There are more, of course, but I’ll save those for next year. Call it a new tradition.

Do you have any great ideas for going digital for the holiday?