2020 Packaging Trend: Custom Pads

custom pads and sample packaging using our FlashPad

Custom pads bring together all the best parts of a hardbound book and gift box. Their appeal lies in the familiarity of the product, despite its unique properties. As one of our most-requested products, we're calling it one of the major trends of 2020. 

In the years that Sunrise Packaging has created customized pads for customers, we've seen their popularity grow. Our favorite part of any project is learning how we can serve the market with a product, and it's incredible how flexible the pad can be. 

The Many Faces of Sunrise Custom Pads

Custom pads can be modified in a million different ways. We've worked with a variety of clients, from high-end manufacturers to small-town financial consultants and everything in between (and everyone has a use for a custom pad). Here are some of the most common--consider this a jumping off point, and not an exhaustive list of uses. 

  • USB drives: die cut foam can securely hold a USB drive in place. The USB drives might be audio books, music albums, new student orientations, real estate closing documents... The possibilities are truly endless. Custom pads are fantastic marketing pieces, and for more than just flash drives.
  • Key fobs: the best part of buying a new car is leaving the dealership in it. By handing over the keys in a specially-created marketing piece, it ramps up the excitement factor with a true conversation piece. 
  • Gift cards: Gift cards deserve more than chintzy envelope. A custom pad is a keepsake. It's also a way to share more about business or services, and invites more contact (think social channels, calls to action, and more). 

How Can You Use a Custom Pad?

Like we said above, finding the right packaging style is one of our favorite parts of the design process. But, if a collaborator already knows that they want to utilize the FlashPad design, we can truly hit the ground running. How could your organization use the custom pad in your business? Bring your ideas to our team!