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Custom USB Packaging

Meet the FlashPad™, our dynamic, customizable packaging for USB drives. Providing a higher profile than a pamphlet, the FlashPad™ is the crossroads of visual and digital marketing.

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Personalized USB Drives

The better business card. Custom graphics, contact information, and unique designs made to store digital samples. A valuable gift and a presentation continues beyond pitch meeting.

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Promotional Power Banks

Give the gift of more power! Snap that extra photo, make that extra call. From baseball games to baby showers, customized power banks are proving to be a valuable souvenir.

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Custom USB Drives

We are offering you the opportunity to create a USB Flash Drive that is unique to your organization’s needs.

Custom USB Packaging

Custom USB Packaging

If you don’t want your flash drive to get lost in the shuffle, create an outstanding custom package for it.

Custom USB Packaging

Stock USB Packaging

As an economical alternative to creating your own custom USB package, choose from our stock.

Custom USB Flash Drives and Flash Drive Packaging

Custom USB Packaging

Find Your Drive

A data-loaded flash drive coupled with high-end packaging creates a user experience like no other. Opening a FlashPad™ is like opening a fine hardcover book. Rich with high-definition digital print, custom colors, and a high-quality foam interior, the FlashPad™ will ensure you won’t go back to the pamphlet ever again. We also create and carry several other USB packaging options, including boxes, injection-molded cases, hybrid packaging, or we can create something brand new just for you! That’s the meaning of custom, after all.

What Does “Custom” Really Mean?

Custom means creating something truly unique. Personal. For over three decades, Sunrise Packaging has created some of the premiere packaging solutions used in advertising today. From launch kits to binders, our turned edge manufacturing technique has become synonymous with quality and value. Now we’ve brought this technique to the digital arena, creating a portable, trendy marketing kit that presents in a whole new way.

Custom USB Drives

Who We Are & What We Do

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  • USB Flash Drives

    Custom USB Drives

    The Most Influential Promotional Product

    The Advertising Specialty Institute, a long-time expert in marketing solutions, recently named custom USB flash drives as the Most Influential Promotional Product. ASI ranked the flash drive above drinkware, clothing, and writing utensils for trade show and conventional giveaways. Why? Because trinkets are fleeting. Flash drives provide a cool, functional gift. Have you ever presented at an expo and wished you could provide a take-home software demo for a client? Or direct them to your website, post-convention? Or include an instructional video? With personalized flash drives, you can do all of the above.

  • Custom USB Packaging

    Custom USB Packaging

    Time to Ditch the Pamphlet

    USB drives have come a long way in replacing those little paper business cards. They can be customized like a business card, including your name, number, address, and even your logo. They can even be shaped like a business card if you’re feeling really nostalgic. And while most of their flair is on the inside, with custom packaging, you can give your potential clients a vibrant preview. Customizable inside and out, each FlashPad™ features a foam insert holding a personalized flash drive preloaded with data. Ditch the pamphlet—the FlashPad™ always gets opened.

  • Custom Power Banks

    Custom Power Banks

    What Do We Want? More Power!

    When do we want it? Anytime! Power Banks are the souvenir that keep on giving. The perfect giveaway for weekend conventions and conferences, a power bank offers an extra charge for your smart device on the fly. Giving the gift of freedom to use a little more juice means your potential clients, employees, or attendees will be able to explore longer and document more, all while being reminded of your business. If you’re looking to create a reusable, everyday reminder, a power bank is the next best thing to branding your logo right on their smart phones.


Sunrise Packaging is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since 1982, our unique manufacturing facility has produced high end presentation and promotional packaging for industries such as cosmetics, retail, software, media, and advertising. We provide custom sizes of rigid two-piece setup boxes, magnet boxes, pads, and binders with full-color digital or offset printing, foil stamping, embossing, and debossing.

Since then, we’ve expanded to provide custom USB flash drives and packaging. Flash Drives with full color printing and data preloading can exponentially increase your business’ visibility.. With wide range of USB styles, memory capacities, and a variety of logo branding options, Sunrise Packaging can be your one-stop, turnkey solution for a unique digital marketing experience.

15th Century

Ornate “visiting cards” become popular in China. These calling cards were left with members of high society or business owners to help them decide if individuals were worthy of a meeting (a trend borrowed by Louis XIV two centuries later).


Sunrise Packaging begins specializing in custom and stock media packaging.


The invention of USB flash drives as we know them. IBM distributes them commercially in early 2000, opening the door for the modern USB market.


Sunrise Packaging creates the FlashPad™, bridging the gap between promotional marketing and data storage.