Welcome Clients Home with a FlashPad Wallet

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It’s May in Minnesota, which means a couple things. People are outside and evaluating their homes, and they’re either excited and enthusiastic to work on different projects...or they’re ready to move.  Spring and summer are also the times of years that people want to make changes, especially coming out of dreary Minnesota winters.  Combined with the fact that US new home sales have hit an eight-year-high—the largest increase since 1992—and the shortage of properties available make this an extremely competitive season for realtors. To help your business rise above the rest, we recommend the FlashPad Wallet.

Introducing the FlashPad Wallet

The FlashPad is our most popular custom USB packaging option. It’s durable and utilizes staples of luxury packaging like: tightly turned edges for a crisp, polished look; soft-touch lamination, carefully applied and designed specifically for your organization; and personalization options both inside and outside the package.

Flashpad wallet USB custom package

The Wallet builds on that functionality. At a slightly smaller size than our traditional FlashPad (it can fit easily in your pocket, as the name implies), the Wallet is portable and lighter. All without sacrificing the features that make the FlashPad so popular.

How the FlashPad Wallet Can Drive Sales

Real estate is a business driven traditionally through relationship-building. Like any business, success rests on being able to give clients what they want (whether they know what that is, or if your job includes drawing it out).  While that pillar remains true, many other things have changed.

Technology advances impact every industry, including real estate. Instead of combing specific realtor websites, house hunters swipe through homes on collated apps like Trulia and Zillow. In a 2015 post, Keller-Williams stated that 50% of all real estate traffic is now mobile. Chances are that number has risen. Rather than meet in person for an initial walk-thru, using a video streaming service like Skype, Google+ or Meerkat allows multiple folks to take the guided tour without leaving their couches. Finally, after the house is purchased and the relationship moves into post-transaction stage, how do you leave a final positive impression?

The FlashPad Wallet is the perfect way to open the gates of home ownership. A USB drive allows you to share a variety of information about their new neighborhood. Include things like potential services and vendors, nearby parks and coffee shops, whatever might normally be included in a paper handoff can now be digital. The benefits are numerous. Beyond the initial tech-savvy impression, you’re giving them a presentation piece. It can do double-duty as a marketing material for you and a resource for them, ensuring that it’ll stay around a while. Additionally, you can prepare a kind of stock structure, and then customize as needed to reflect the closing of the relationship, making maintenance low-cost and efficient.

If the real estate technology Reddit is any indication, it's difficult enough for realtors to stay at the forefront of what's happening in the marketplace. Sunrise FlashPad Wallets can help streamline your workload while enhancing your tech-savvy reputation.