Versatility of the FlashPad™

Custom packaging like the FlashPad™ from Sunrise is customizable in every way! We make everything in house, so you can change our original design however you need. We have had quite a few custom packaging projects that need similar features to our FlashPad™….but not quite the same. For example, check out the package pictured below. All essential elements of this item are similar to the FlashPad™ however, our client needed to make some of their own changes. They needed to make room for multiple drives and extra media, so they changed the sizes and customized the die-cut foam. What’s the moral of the story? You aren’t stuck with just one USB flash drives, or even a drive at all when you choose Sunrise Packaging. Talk to us today about customizing this popular packaging solution. All we need from you is your input and artwork, and voilà! Customized hardcover packaging with secure foam cavities are on their way to you.