Uses for Promotional Flashdrives

promotional flashdrives

When it comes to marketing, the general purpose is pretty clear: gain more business. From that perspective, the purpose of promotional flashdrives is along the same lines. They're designed to raise awareness, share information, and attract and retain business. And if you're doing it correctly, you're also creating industry-specific, targeted content and loading it onto those custom USB drives. Whether you're utilizing an autoplay, e-learning kind of approach or simply adding a series of PDFs, photos, and other kinds of collateral, the recipient should understand your business and what you offer after receiving your promotional flashdrives. 

But can we be real for a second? Customers and prospective customers might peruse the content. And then they'll pop into a drawer somewhere. They might use it again...or they might toss it during the next desk purge. Maybe it's time to wise up to your customers' proclivities. Make alternate uses for USB drives part of the pitch when handing them out. It could be a tongue-in-cheek kind of approach or just an honest acknowledgement.

Whichever approach you take, here are some tips to share with users about how they can use your promotional USB drives after they thoroughly absorb all your content.

Alternative Uses for Promotional Flashdrives

Some people might say that flashdrives are passe or out-dated in the age of the cloud. But not every place has a wifi connection. Especially if you're traveling, or presenting, or on the go in any capacity. Storage is valuable but can also be versatile. Here are just a few of the different ways in which your customers can use promotional flashdrives in their lives:

promotional flashdrives

Use it as a safe deposit box for data

Data in the cloud is subject to hacking. We've seen enough celebrity iCloud photos smeared across the internet to know that no one is particularly safe. USB drives allow customers to keep certain files out of the cloud and encrypted with their own personal password. 

Store iTunes or other music libraries

If the flashdrive is big enough, customers could use it to store music. If they use iTunes, they can even run iTunes completely off the USB stick, with downloads automatically processing there instead of on your computer's storage. This option is great if they use multiple computers for whatever reason, or are without their own computer (or like to listen to their own music from their workstation that's locked down from Spotify or other services...). 

Use it like a key to unlock a computer

There are plenty of programs available to users to download to do this. Basically, it allows users to create a passcode that prevents others from logging on to their computer. Good for sneaky coworkers or protection from remote cyber attacks. 

Add it as storage to an Android device

CNET has the process. Basically, customers with Android phones can utilize USB On-the-Go (OTG) and expand storage by plugging in a flashdrive. With a few more steps. 


But Don't Forget to Customize Flashdrive Packaging

Helping customers think of uses for promotional flashdrives helps ensure their longevity. And, in turn, ensures that your company branding will also be sticking around. While it's great to help customers become more proficient and efficient, don't forget to invest time in creating custom flashdrive packaging that gets you noticed in the first place. Check out our Flashpads and Flashpad Wallets for more inspo.