A USB Sleeve for All Seasons

USB sleeve can group products

Obviously, it's our business at Sunrise to make sure that you love every product we design and send your way. But, as time goes on, new business opportunities are guaranteed to come up. That's when  USB sleeve might be the answer.

What is a USB Sleeve

Sleeve boxes are like casings that encompass a box or container. Think of a traditional matchbox, and you've got the general concept for a sleeve box. They're lightweight and fairly inexpensive...especially compared to the price of a total overhaul and rebrand project. 

Our sleeve boxes are usually made of SBS paperboard. We like this option because it's lightweight and doesn't add any bulk to the product. It's also able to display rich graphics and custom designs with high definition, ensuring clarity and a vivid impression.  And, if you're looking to make a bigger impression, different finishing options like embossing are possible, too.

USB sleeve box heightens user interaction

How a USB Sleeve Enhances a FlashPad

(and other flash drive packaging!)

  • Options to package products
    If you have a variety of products, consider packaging them together as a kind of marketing kit or sales kit for folks. 
  • Ability to add a new element to an old piece
    Dealing the same ole-same ole gets...well, it gets old. Adding a sleeve to a product is an easy way to catch people's eyes in a new way. 
  • Inexpensive way to add new brand standards or update without a full redesign
    What happens when your previous packaging becomes outdated? Do you toss it all, or try some other sort of Band-Aid solution? Using sleeves is a great way to create a companion piece with the original packaging that doesn't *feel* like compensation. 
  • Bring consistency to inconsistent designs
    If previous pieces were designed in silos, chances are they don't all work together from a design perspective. Compiling materials into a single sleeve brings cohesion to them.

Overall, a USB sleeve is a great way to add another layer of depth to a product. Talk with a sales representative today to learn about all the options!