Wedding Photography & USB Packaging

As a wedding photographer, you have a lot of things to think about. If this is a freelance gig, you’re always *on* in a sense. Always looking for clients, working on current projects, keeping up marketing efforts, and more. You’re working to deliver the best possible customer service and experience to clients who are, in some instances, preparing for the most important day of their lives. You know, no biggie for you, right? Wedding photography is an intense, competitive field, and you need to make a positive impression.

Assuming everything preceding the final touch point has gone well, the hand-off to the couple is your last chance to keep that good impression. And possible referral(s). Many photographers rely completely on online galleries, where clients can go online to download images, but many still utilize CDs for final delivery. Studies show that fewer and fewer people are investing in desktops. Many laptops nowadays don’t have CD drives. But they do have USB drives.Custom USB packaging for wedding photography

Using USBs for photo sharing is more time efficient (copying to a flash drive is much faster than burning a CD). For the client, they can reuse the USB after copying the wedding photography and any other types of content. They can also easily share the flash drive with others. Wedding photographer Katelyn James wrote a post on her decision to go to USBs, and also on why she hasn’t completely abandoned packaging.

How USB Packaging Enhances Wedding Photography

Flash drives, or USB drives, are easier to use. But why use them over the smaller cost of online galleries? As mentioned earlier in the post, this final hand off is the final impression you’ll make on the client. This also means it’ll be the longest-lasting. At this point, you’ve worked with this couple for a while, and also documented one of the biggest days of their lives. It seems a little impersonal at this point bookend the relationship by shooting them a link in an email, doesn’t it?

Taking the time to develop custom presentation packaging for your wedding photography business can wrap up the relationship. It can also reinforce your brand. As a business, you are your most valuable asset. Presentation is just one tool to increase business. Taking the time to personalize USB packaging further, with a handwritten note or handcrafted additions, wraps up the relationship in a warm way. Not to mention that, like Katelyn says, getting pretty things in the mail is never a bad thing. Plus, packaging that is engaging and delightful is more likely to garner social shares. Free advertising, more or less, for you.

Sunrise Packaging has a variety of options to offer you to create something that exemplifies your brand. Custom photo and flash packaging is one of the cornerstones of our business. But, if you aren’t swayed and prefer to use CDs, we also do custom CD packaging. Get in touch today to learn more about USB drive or CD packaging!