USB Packaging Makes Digital Become Physical


Business is Done on Flash Drives, People

We don’t want to say a product is only as good as it’s packaging, because that’s not true. Lots of amazing products and inventions that we package are innovative and world-changing.

But if we’re talking about retail then, yeah, that’s true.

Think about it. Retail is a visual marketplace. Unless your product is some sort of pottery or statue, chances are you’re going to need packaging. Not only does it keep hands off a product until it’s been purchased, but it allows extra marketing real estate–serving as a visual pitch because, let’s be honest, you can’t have a sales expert at every kiosk your product is featured.

Packaging is a pretty huge selling point for a product, but for software it’s a downright must. Computer programs, games, apps and the like are often purchased right from the websites, but a huge portion of sales are still made at brick and mortar stores.

For software, the challenge becomes how to sell something digital.

How do you sell something intangible in a physical setting? The answer–if you truly want to stand out–is flash drive packaging. A custom pad–which is similar to a hardcover book, but replace the pages with durable, high quality foam–holds a flash drive. And what’s a flash drive hold? Yeah, that’s right. Data. Software. The intangible. Windows 10 just released on USB drive so….the wave is coming. Better catch the crest.

Outside of retail, flash drive packaging is an eye-catching solution for trade shows and conventions. PC gaming expos and tech conferences probably have business cards floating around by the dozen, but you can make your business card digital by packaging up a custom flash drive. And, as you can imagine, it holds a heck of a lot more than just a name and phone number. (Think: sample demos, bonus levels, login links, just to name a few.)

Whether your packaging needs to be promotional or marketable, Sunrise Packaging has a packaging solution that will work for your product. And if your product happens to be digital, we have just the “box” for the job. (We can even preload the customized flash drives for you! Awesome!)