Print Coatings


Customize Your USB Packaging with Print Coatings

Opting for print coatings on your USB flash drive custom pad or box adds not only an air of sophistication, but a layer of protection. Print coatings spare your presentation packaging from exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures, and the everyday effects of repetitive use. As a bonus, print coatings add to a product's visual appeal with a sleek, professional finish that makes colors and logos much more vibrant.

While all print coatings are available in matte, dull, satin, or gloss varieties, each is applied in a different way, with different attributes accentuating different features of your packaging. Discussing these varied options with our experienced packaging experts will ensure your custom USB packaging product will be the right fit for your promotional needs.

Overprint Varnish

Overprint-VarnishAn inexpensive way to add gloss to your USB packaging, overprint varnish reflects light, adding a sharpness and saturation to images. While not as rigid as other coatings, varnish does offer protection in the form of a resistance to dirt, smearing, and water damage. This type of varnish can be applied one of two ways. Overprint "flood" style which is applied over entire printed surface, or a spot pattern, where the varnish applied to select elements to emphasize them. Overprint varnish can also be color tinted, adding a colored hue to your packaging.



Aqueous Coating

AqueousAqueous laminations are sharp-looking, environment-friendly print coatings. Fast-drying and water-based, aqueous is a protective sealant that is particularly resistant to smudges and fingerprints. Providing greater protection than varnish with similar gloss characteristics, a custom aqueous coating falls between varnish and UV coatings in terms of quality. A high gloss finish has less rub resistance is not not water/liquid resistant since the cured coating does inhibi complete drying of the inks.

Advantages of aqueous coating

Higher Gloss • Faster Drying • No Yellowing • Higher Abrasion/Rub Resistance • Eco-Friendly



LaminationThere are two types of laminates. Film-based uses a clear plastic film which is laid down over the paper. Liquid-based sees a clear liquid spread over the sheet which dries, or cures, like a varnish. Laminates protect from water damage most-effectively, but are slow to apply. Film lamination features high gloss with a very smooth, durable finish. Its advantages over a liquid coating come at a slightly higher cost. Film lamination will not yellow with age, nor will it flake away. Its scratch-resistant and protected from cracking, all while providing an odorless, wipeable surface.



UV Coating

Spot-UVA liquid based, protective coating which, once applied, is cured by ultraviolet lamps. The result is an extremely high-gloss finish. Durable enough to be chemical- and abrasion-resistant, UV coatings are solvent-free, emitting no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The UV drying is instant, creating spot cover, raised effects, and a very heavy, durable coating for extra shine and maximum protection. This form of printing must be done with UV inks, or inks that do not contain microcrystalline wax. Though it is more difficult to recycle than other print coatings, and may suffer from cracked when scored or folded, a UV coating is still the premiere finish for packaging.


Advantage of UV coating

Highest Gloss • Best Clarity • Highest Durability • Rub Resistance