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Discover the Many Capabilities and Services We Offer

Sunrise Packaging offers you more than just the product. Choose from a variety of USB and packaging services to customize your USB Flash Drive. As a packaging solutions provider, we believe you should be able to get exactly what you want from your boxes, binders, thermoformed plastics, and USB Flash Drives. Our unique facility can create a piece of luxury packaging to your exact specifications. A turned-edge box for your flash drive? An color-matched foam insert? A personalized, preloaded flash drive?

Loading USB Drive

Custom Data Preloading

Sunrise provides you with the option to edit the contents of your USB Flash Drive. Choose from features such as; data pre-load, auto run, non-delete, and so on. This gives you full control of the actions, without any extra hassle for you. A prompted user experience that gives your potential client a sample of what your business is all about.

Custom USB Drives

Custom Design

Your USB Flash drive should represent your organization on the outside. Give your custom flash drive a dose of presentation packaging: add your logo, brand, or mission statement to USB Flash Drives using laser engraving, or even digital printing. Simply provide us with the artwork and we'll make sure your product grabs attention like your company logo was meant to do.

Fl Poly FlashPad

Custom Packaging

As a presentation packaging manufacturer, Sunrise highly recommends custom packaging for your USB Flash Drives. Consider on of our exclusive FlashPad™ custom pads which holds the flash drive securely in diecut foam. With a custom turned edge wrap, the FlashPad gives your personalized flash drive the shelf presence of a hardbound book, while keeping your USB storage device safe, labeled, and, most importantly, noticed.