Sunrise PackagingThe first thing people see about your product is the package it comes in. With Sunrise Packaging in Minnesota, you can enhance that experience by applying your concept or design to a custom USB packaging solution unique to your business and brand.

Our Philosophy

Listen first and package second. We are a solutions oriented, creative design packaging company and manufacturer. Our goal is to listen to you, focus on your requirements and deliver a quality package within the time frame agreed. This has been our passion since our company was founded. This website contains our custom USB packaging solutions for stock and custom USB flash drives. While many of our products are geared towards holding these items, they can all be designed to hold any product. Because of this, our customer service and sales team are standing by to help you with quoting and production.

Custom USB Drives and Packaging If your custom drive comes in eye catching USB packaging, potential buyers or clients will pause and examine it closer… And then you’ve got them hooked! Your product has benefits and features that will enhance the lives of your customers… you just have to get their attention with unique, representative USB packaging. Custom manufacturing solutions from Sunrise Packaging offer all of this and more.

Whether you have a disc, a few sheets of paper, or a complex kit consisting of many elements, Sunrise Packaging will help you design a package uniquely suited to showcase your product AND represent your brand identity.

If you can dream it, we can make it for you.