USB Media Kits for Authors

USB media kits for authors

I can’t profess to be an author in any capacity beyond a digital one, but I do know one thing: it’s much easier for me to write about anything–seriously, just about anything–than it is to write about myself. However, when it comes to self-promotion, that’s exactly the skill that needs to be utilized. As the industry changes, more authors are expected to maintain websites, social channel presences, and do publicity on top of that. It makes sense to utilize tools that make it all easier. USB media kits are one way to work toward increased efficiency. 

Why USB Media Kitsusb media kits

Media kits are essential for authors to want to leverage the media to build their brand, according to Build Your Brand Academy. Many authors keep a media kit on their website. Perfect to help persuade people to interview you, include your book in a promotion, or buy it for their organization or library. Media kits position you as an authority in your field, establish audiences, and set the tone of how you want to present yourself. 

USB media kits take that one step further. Think of the information you provide on your website as a kind of first introduction. The information on your personalized USB drive is a deeper dive, and has information over which you need to have a higher degree of control. Or materials that are just larger, like promotional posters, audio files, or larger excerpts from your works. 

Creative USB packaging also gives you another outlet to share your brand. Including succinct product descriptions on custom USB drive packaging gives people more insight into your perspective. Also directing them other outlets, like articles about your work or other relevant media, is easy to do within the materials loaded to the drive. 

What To Include On Your Customized Flashdrives

  1. Press releases
    The point of media kits is to share news about a new release, right? Lead with the most relevant bits of information. Don’t make them search for the piece that should act as a guide–you wouldn’t put a table of contents in the middle of a book, right?
  2. Table of Contents
    Speaking of… Including some sort of a guide to the different elements is helpful for USB media kits that contain multiple pieces of media. If there’s a podcast on which you were interviewed, along with some book reviews, a video of the time you consulted on Dr. Phil, all of these things could use some context in the form of the TOC.
  3. Your Bio & High Resolution Headshots
    Chances are, the folks who want your media kit will also want your bio and headshot to do their own promotion. Take control of your narrative here, and detail your background as well as your recent accomplishments and accolades. Consider also adding both a color and black and white headshot as well, depending on the receiving organization’s aesthetics and/or design limitations. 
  4. Exclusive excerpts, sneak peaks, readings, etc.
    Including exclusive elements takes your USB media kit up a notch. It allows people to get a deeper sense of your style as well as where you want to take your work in the future. It’s like a movie preview for a book. 

And Don’t Forget About the Cover

It’s strange that, as much as the old adage is repeated, how often people do actually only judge books by their covers. Don’t let USB media kits fall under the *toss* category. Check out Sunrise Packaging’s options for custom flashdrive packaging as well as custom USB drives!