Onboard Students with a USB Flashpad

How does your institution communicate with prospects or students? If it doesn’t include a USB (we recommend USB flashpads), you might be missing out a big audience.

The traditional giant packet of information full of information might not send the right message. We’re not denying the importance of the information. But paper isn’t sustainable, ink is expensive, and today’s digital natives aren’t always engaged by the format. CDs of information provide a more interactive experience, but could be wasted. It’s no secret that laptops outsell desktop computers. What might be surprising, though, is that the majority of laptops nowadays don’t include CD drives. Most types of content that was previously only accessible through discs (music, movies, software, etc.) is now downloaded or streamed. Leaving out optical drives also makes devices cheaper, lighter, and smaller. It all adds up to prospects/new students unable to access information on a disc.  So how can you adjust your marketing and information sharing practices?

Embrace the customized USB flashpad.

We recommend the USB flashpad for sharing information for multiple reasons. It’s more accessible than a disc and provides a more interactive than paper. You can also design a better experience (guiding them through the materials via call outs or modules built using instructional design principles and software). This fits their expectations as well as how they’re accustomed to accessing resources. The information is also more timeless. For example, you can replace information which changes frequently by embedding links to your website, social channels, online orientation, and so on. It’s also much easier to fix the dreaded typos that sneak in to printed documents when it’s a simple edit and not a massive reprinting project.

Sunrise recently completed a project for the University of Nebraska – Omaha as part of a new student welcome kit.

University of Nebraska flashpad

Customized with their signature colors and mascot, the flashpad welcomes new students and includes references for further contact on the back. Inside the die cut cavity, the new “Mavericks” access new student information on key-shaped USB drive. This specific example differs from our traditional USB flashpad–it’s more of a pocket-sized folder–which features a foam insert. The foam insert offers protection for the USB drive, but this style’s hard cover does the job as well. At Sunrise, we love the flashpad because it’s a triple threat: built like a box, wrapped like a book, and printed like a display kit. It’s a polished and professional product that shows your audience that you understand their needs and are technologically savvy. Not to mention engaging in sustainable practices.