USB Flash Drive Cufflinks


USB flash drive cufflinks create an easy way to share important information. While at a meeting, you do not have to worry about loosing your USB flash drive, for it is right on  your sleeve. USB flash drive cufflinks are a growing trend in business. The cufflinks allow you to hide your USB so your information is safe. A bonus to this USB cufflink is it is also Wi-Fi accessible. On one side, when the USB is inserted into a device, the other side of the cufflink activates Wi-Fi.

If you did not think it could get any cooler, think again. R2-D2 USB flash drive cufflinks were recently announced by Lucas films. The USB flash drive has a 2GB memory per cuff. The cufflinks measure around 3/4″ by 5/8″ and really stand out with its unique R2-D2 design. But with every great idea comes a downfall. Since the Lucas Films currently owns the license to the cufflinks, they are a bit expensive being priced at $200 a pair.