USB Drive Packaging Puts Books Back in Your Hands

In this digital era, there is a hard push for upgraded versions of all our favorite medias. Music and film need to be available on our tablets or they’re hardly worth their cost. CDs have almost become a relic. Books are delivered wirelessly to our Kindles and Nooks in a heartbeat.

While the latter is convenient, most avid readers will tell you there’s no replacement for the feel of a good book in their hands. The heft of a book, the parting of a its covers, is the hallmark of a reading adventure. At the same time, the publishing industry needs to stay on top of technology trends, as well as being functional. Audiobooks and e-books have their place–but it’s hard to treasure a metal disc. Even harder to treasure a digital file. And harder still to store them on a bookshelf.

custom pads for usb drive packaging

Custom USB drive packaging has a familiar look and feel.

That’s where custom flash drive packaging can come to the rescue. It offers a little bit of the nostalgic, while fortifying the current. For years, audiobooks were sold as compact disc collections. A little clunky, sure, but at least it was something you could give as a gift and add to your shelf. Even then it would stick out like a sore thumb, or get lost in your music collection. But if you do away with the physical copy entirely, what’s left to fall in love with? Where’s the pride in displaying it amongst your classics?

Fortunately the FlashPad offers a happy medium. On the outside, this custom USB drive packaging has beautiful turned edges, the sign of a valuable hardcover book. Thanks to its die cut foam insert, this flash drive packaging can be made to any size or thickness–even to, say, the exact dimensions of a novel, perhaps?

custom flash drives for ebooksInside, the FlashPad can be filled with a variety of colors and textures of foam, imitating pages or just a complementing color palate. This precision-cut foam holds a USB drive (or drives) which can be preloaded with not just an audiobook, but several audiobooks. Or e-book files. Create a celebrated collection all in the span of one hardcover book! If you want to really spice things up, choose a unique USB flash drive for store the data. Imagine Jurassic Park on a dinosaur jumpdrive, or 50 Shades of Grey with a flash drive that looks like a, well…maybe we best leave that to the imagination.


Point is, custom USB drive packaging is a way for book publishers to steal back some of that swagger from the big digital companies. Giving your audience something to hold onto always trumps the ethereal, especially as the holiday season approaches.

Images: Sunrise Packaging/Bestseller Labs