USB Batteries Provide Power Everywhere

usb batteries

I was recently discussing favorite articles of swag with a client. When I mentioned that my husband and I are consistently utilizing USB batteries and power banks, one person was shocked. "Really?" they exclaimed. "I never think to use them, I just charge all my devices when I'm home."

There was a chorus of input from around the table in disagreement. Basically, the majority agreed that portable power banks, or batteries to which you can connect any device that powers up using a USB cable, are possibly the best thing since sliced bread. Well, for about 99% of the population. 

USB Batteries Uses

The simplest and most universal example of how USB batteries and power banks come in handy is simply when there isn't an outlet nearby. In a perfect world, smartphones, tablets and other devices would have incredible battery life that would last as long as we needed it to. Or wherever we went, there would be public outlets with or unsuspicious ports--with proper charging cables--from which we could plug in and power up.

But in the real world?

usb batteries

It doesn't quite work that way. We've all been in airports with delayed flights with hordes gathering around the available outlets. I suppose it could be an interesting study in either how a community builds around shared power...or how one outlet hog can incite a crowd to anger.  We've all been driving in our car, using GPS, when we see the dreaded 'Low Battery' red alert come on, and hope we can make it to our destination (or close enough) before it kicks off. 

USB batteries

At best, the battery life of a device can be dubious. Naturally it depends on what is running, how often you are using it, and other elements, but my device can vary from a day or two to less than a few hours. With that kind of variance, USB batteries and power banks provide peace of mind when I'm in meetings all day or at a conference.

Power isn't something you think of when you don't need it. Like sitting in your office or puttering around the house. Like so many things in life, it's when we don't have it anymore that we really feel its impact. 

Personalized Power Banks

Here, at Minnesota-based Sunrise Packaging, we know that power banks and USB batteries are among the most practical giveaways out there for prospective or current customers, or as part of a new employee welcome kit. Basically, anyone with a smartphone, tablet or other device could get some use out of an external battery--or they know someone who can.

Power banks can come in a wide variety of custom options, as well as with custom packaging. Contact a representative today to find out more!