USB- Not Your Average Flash Drive

drivesAt Sunrise Packaging, we offer custom USB flash drives and creative packaging solutions for them. Often USB flash drives are confused with a “regular” flash drive. So, we figured it would be best to clear the air! A “flash drive” is a solid state drive (SSD) technology that stores data like a typical hard drive found in most PCs, but uses no moving parts. Flash drives come in many forms, including external storage devices, portable USB drives, and even as the main storage drive in some extra small laptops. A USB flash drive is the industry term for a very small, very portable flash drive meant for easy data storage or transfer, and which connects to a computer via a USB port. USB flash drives are so small that most of them are designed to easily attach to a key ring. USB flash drives are compatible with a wide variety of electronic devices, and their convenience is a major selling point. Think about custom USB flash drives the next time you exhibit at a trade show, or use giveaways to promote your company.