Travel Safe: Emergency Flash Drive

Nowadays, getting stuck in a foreign city with no identification or money can be very dangerous. If you are in a medical emergency, it can be life-threatening. Creating a emergency flash drive could save your life simply by containing vital documents and details.

Building your own flash drive is important. Pick a 1 GB USB flash drive. Look for something small that can be easily attached to a string. Marking the drive with a red cross is vital because this is an international symbol of  “look here.”

The next step is uploading your information onto the flash drive. All information should be uploaded in a variety of languages. Including English, Spanish, Chinese, and the local language of your travel destination is ideal. First include your name, address, nationality, and medical information. Having a few contact people is important. Both phone numbers and email address are to be included.

If your wallet were to be stolen, having your credit card information on hand is key. You should also include a scanned image copy of your insurance card and a picture of yourself. Having scanned copies of credit cards and check cards is important but to be stored by a password protected file so you are the only one who can open it.

Keeping your flash drive safe is the most important step. Carrying it on a chain around your neck is probably the safest place. If you carry the drive in your pocket/wallet, it could be stolen.