The Making of the FlashPad™

Among our many USB packaging options, the FlashPad™ from Sunrise Packaging is by far our most popular custom USB case. Easy to create and distribute, this turned edge folder with custom foam is a comprehensive package perfect for businesses of any size. While we mainly use ours to market our product offerings, we have sold USB drives and FlashPads™ to a variety of businesses for many different purposes. Software companies, environmental and construction companies can also benefit from this compact tool.

The first step in making the FlashPad™ starts with the customer. After we determine quantity, features, and pricing, we get the ball rolling with your custom artwork. After receive and place your graphic design to our production template, we get to printing! The print heads over to our experienced turned edge department to be turned and processed. With our turnkey solutions, your order is made, fulfilled and shipped all under one roof! Watch this youtube video to take a closer look at the making of the FlashPad™.