The Best of Both Worlds: USB Music Marketing

Prism Music creative USB music packaging boxes and a media guide for usb music marketing

We're not shy about talking about our age, but here at Sunrise Packaging, we've seen the transitions that come with music trends. From records to 8 tracks to CDs, we've made packaging for just about all of them. And now, with streaming as the go-to method for learning about new tunes, we've adapted again. USB music marketing utilizes USB drives or flashdrives to share tracks. This method allows for users to save their music to the cloud to access anywhere. But fans can still get the experience of buying an album with artwork.

Why USB Music Marketing Makes Sense

Streaming music has many perks. From a cost perspective, it's more efficient to simply log in to Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc, and have millions of songs available wherever you go. Subscribing definitely costs less than an album. And it exposes listeners to a wide range of options. 

But there's something to be said for something tangible to go along with the soundwaves. There's a romanticism of going to a record store and flipping through albums. The cover art, the liner notes, all of it is an extension of the band and the experience of their music. It's not something easily replicated when streaming. That's where USB music marketing comes in. 

Using a custom USB drive allows the user to upload the tracks to their cloud library. This makes the music accessible anywhere, anytime. And the personalized USB packaging gives artists the ability to create their custom artwork and include messages not possible in streaming services.

Sing Me A Song

We've created music packaging for a wide range of artists. USB drives and custom flashdrive packaging are on the rise, and you can see how we've customized boxes, FlashPads, and more. Crafting music marketing packaging is an interesting challenge, and we love the unique boxes and designs that come out of these collaborations. 

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